Year of volunteerism kicks in with My Beautiful Malaysia Day event

On February 3rd, Prime Minister of Malaysia will kick start the year of volunteerism with the My Beautiful Malaysia Day event. It is one of the large simultaneous volunteering day in Malaysian history. More than one people will participate in various volunteering activities in various parts of Malaysia. The events will take place simultaneously and the whole event will go in the Malaysia Book of Records as the biggest volunteering gather in the country.

The event will start in the morning and will go on for at least half a day. Many national leaders and celebrities will participate in the event and will put in their joint effort and heart to make it a big success. The event will take place in all the key places in the country.

Volunteering is a great way to mobilize national resources for national development. It creates a win win for multiple stake holders. If done properly and successfully it will benefit the youth in the long run and enhance the well-being and happiness of the society. People participating in volunteering activities in general are more empathetic towards others.

The whole family of Khatore Pharmaceuticals (, the makers of liver treatment product Kamalahar wishes the participants best wishes and hopes that it will be a highly successful event.


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