1M4U launches contests to attract youth for volunteering

1Malaysia for Youth (1M4U) has launched idea contests to create a buzz about 1M4U and to attract youth in volunteering opportunities. Youth can participate in contests through the submission of nation building ideas. The criteria for the ideas are that they should be low cost and have high impact on the society. 1M4U is a blue ocean idea conceived by the government of Malaysia whereby youth of all races will be mobilised to participate in nation building activities. It is a brilliant move and tries to create a win-win for all stakeholders namely the youth, society and the government.

Most of the youth waste their time during holidays, either surfing net or hanging around in malls or other places. In Malaysia it is called Lepak-Lapak. At the same time the unemployment among Malaysian youth is very high. It is more than 10%. The main reason for the high unemployment among the youth is their lack of soft skills. Undertaking volunteering activities rather than wasting their time during holidays will be a good ways to build soft skills. 1M4U seeks to develop communication, leadership and other soft skills among the youth. Taking part in the volunteering activities brings youth in close contact with people from different background. It also develops self confidence in youth and develops their emotional quotient which is very important in this interconnected world.

Malaysia is a developing country and there are many people in the country who are still poor or live below poverty line. Many Malaysians live in rural areas which is not very developed compared to the urban areas. The youth can take part in volunteering activities which will help the society especially the bottom 40% of the country. Through the volunteering activities, youth can help farmers advance their agricultural produce, help rural entrepreneurs market their product to urban people, help micro-entrepreneurs increase the scale of their business, provide tuition to rural and poor children, beautify the neighbourhood, etc.

The Government also benefits tremendously from the 1M4U. The Government can leverage on the volunteers to deliver some of their services at low cost. It will help government to reduce the expenditure and help save money which can be spend on more productive purpose. It will also help government reach remote people at low cost as it can leverage the volunteers to provide welfare services to the remote rural places. If done properly, 1M4U can help reduce the deficit of the government budget.

In a nut shell 1M4U is a great programme that has huge potential if undertaken properly. It can create a win-win for all the people participating from it and also the society in general. We at Khatore Pharmaceuticals, the makers of hepatitis treatment and fatty liver treatment medicine, wish 1M4U all the success.


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