Ayurvedic herbs are quite effective in the treatment of ascites

Ascites is accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity. Ascites is caused very commonly due to cirrhosis and severe liver disease. Sometimes the fluid buildup is mild and cannot be detected externally. But in extreme cases, the fluid builds up to such a large extent that it causes severe abdominal distention. The condition is quite painful and the person suffering from it finds it extremely inconvenient to even move around. In Sanskrit, ascites is called jalodara. This word is made up from two words jala meaning water and udara meaning stomach.
In normal conditions, the peritoneal fluid is up to a specific quantity, just enough to provide the necessary protection. But in some cases, the volume of this fluid can increase drastically. This is what leads to ascites. Ascites itself is a symptom of several serious problems. The presence of ascites may indicate liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, heart failure, pericarditis and even cancers.
People who consume excessive alcohol are at very high risk of developing cirrhosis, which may cause ascites. Lack of
exercise is also linked with ascites. People leading a sedentary lifestyle and sleeping in the daytime can suffer from ascites later in their lives.
Ascites can be prevented by taking care of certain factors such as by avoiding drinking alcohol. Alcoholism is responsible for a big percentage of ascites related problems in the world. It can also be prevented by lead an active lifestyle. Exercising helps to build up the abdominal muscles which prevents the accumulation of fluids in the peritoneal cavity.
Ayurvedic or herbal treatment for Ascites has been available in many countries for centuries. The ascites research and its various complications have resulted in the discovery of the curative properties of several herbs for ascites.
Terminalia arjuna is one such herb which is very effective in the treatment of ascites. Terminalia Arjuna is a unique medicinal plant widely used in Ayurvedic medicine to support optimal cardiac and liver health. The herb possesses diuretic properties and hence it is effective in the removal of excess fluids from the body.
Tecoma undulata has a special potency as accumulation breaking herb and helps in contracting the spleen. It is used in the diseases like ascites, liver and spleen disorders, jaundice, hepatitis.
The black nightshade is also an important ingredient in Ayurvedic preparations for the treatment of ascites caused due to the cirrhosis of the liver. The black nightshade is known for its diuretic properties. Kantakari is an effective herb used in the treatment of ascites and dropsy. It helps in the expulsion of all fluids in the body of the person.
Ayurvedic Liver treatment product Kamalahar is proven to be quite effective in the treatment of liver disorder including treatment of ascites, cirrhosis, hepatitis, jaundice. It is the combination of herbs present in Kamalahar which makes it very effective.

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